Whilst there are many healthy foods suitable for diabetics, the foods mentioned below are a shortlist of perhaps the most powerful foods that can keep blood sugar levels under control.

To get blood sugar levels under control and within the normal healthy range is the goal for every single person who is diagnosed as being a prediabetic or a Type 2 diabetic. The difference between the two in a nutshell is a prediabetic is insulin resistant with slightly higher than is considered normal blood sugar on a regular basis.

Whereas someone who is diabetic would have had this same insulin resistance – except by becoming a Type 2 diabetic this means the condition has worsened. The person is now suffering from extremely high blood sugar levels on a consistent basis as well as extreme insulin resistance, and their body will have reduced just how much insulin it can produce as a result of the pancreas becoming worn out.

These foods are all very important to those diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, but even non-diabetics can benefit from these foods too also…

1. Sweet Potatoes – Move over white potatoes, sweet potatoes are the king of potatoes due to their low glycemic index. What this means is this type of potato will not cause blood sugar levels to suddenly rise. Sweet potatoes are also rich in calcium and vitamin A.


2. Blueberries – Blueberries due to their high fiber content are an excellent choice of fruit as the fiber helps slow down the absorption of the sugar they are absolutely full off – so the end result is a steady rise and fall in blood sugar and not a big spike as can be seen with some fruits. Blueberries are also rich in antioxidants which are vital to help prevent premature aging!

3. Tomatoes – Diabetics often also suffer from a lot of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, so tomatoes make a perfect food choice due to the high content of vitamins E and C and the mineral we see lacking in many people – iron.

4. Beans – Again we have shortlisted beans because they are rich in fiber and fiber-rich foods really are a diabetics best friend when looking to keep blood sugar balanced! Beans such as:

  • – black,
  • – pinto,
  • – navy,
  • – kidney and
  • – many others

are rich in vital nutrients and the fiber they contain can help people feel fuller for longer – helping to reduce any sweet cravings.

5. Dark, Leafy Greens –

  • – kale,
  • – spinach,
  • – collard greens, and
  • – any other types of greens you can get your hands on,

are regarded by nutritionists globally as some of the most nutrient dense foods in the world. Meaning they can pack more nutrients per serving than a lot of other foods.

If you want to reverse your Type 2 diabetes or even you prediabetes diagnosis, then do ensure your meals include some of the foods listed above. Your blood sugar levels will improve and so will your overall health as you reduce the chances of developing secondary health problems that most diabetics suffer from.

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