Pixie Lott: ‘Fitness is my mental health toolkit’




Singer, style icon and new mum Pixie Lott talks about the power of having fitness and meditation in her mental health toolkit, plus her new collection of skiwear with Dare 2b.

Pixie Lott on her fitness journey

‘I’ve always been active and went toa performing arts school from the age of 11. I got to dance every day, doing ballet, tap and modern jazz, and I feel like my body still has muscle memory from that time. Dance is my absolute favourite form of fitness, and I wish I could still dance every day like I used to, but finding the time is hard. I did join a brilliant Zumba class close to where I live for a while, which was very fast-paced and hard to keep up with. It had so much community spirit, and there were people of all ages and backgrounds, which I loved.

‘I really didn’t do any kind of fitness during my pregnancy. I just wanted to rest, especially as I was still working and doing lots of gigs. Now that my little baby is nine weeks old, I’m feeling ready to get back to exercise. I had a C-section, so I had to take it easy during the six-week recovery period, but now I’m at the stage where I want to ease myself back into things with some gentle Pilates and yoga.

‘I took up reformer Pilates before my wedding in 2022 and instantly fell in love with it. You know how everyone always says you should workout before your wedding, and have facials and all that stuff? Well, I did a real last minute crash course in Pilates and had all the facials. I’ve always been drawn to Pilates because we did some at school, but I also think having good core strength is important, especially if you want to keep your body in good condition and avoid having back problems. I was very lucky not to feel any discomfort during my pregnancy.

Mental health benefits

‘I do yoga because it just feels so good, and I honestly think that, if you did yoga every day, your body would have no aches or pains. It’s also great for your mind and very grounding. I definitely exercise for the mental benefits as well as the physical ones. I meditate a lot and I’ve even done a meditation teacher training course. With my lifestyle, I need to be able to find moments of calm when I’m on the road, and that’s even more important now I have a baby.

‘I like having fitness and meditation in my mental health toolkit. They help me deal with times of crisis but, more importantly, they help me to avoid hitting those crisis points in the first place. Life is full of ups and downs, so it’s good to have tools you can reach for and know they work for you. A lot of people find them during a time of need – when they’re already going through something –but if you make them a part of your life before you reach crisis, you hopefully won’t get to that point.


Weight training

‘I’ve been through different phases with fitness over the years, and I really enjoyed doing weight training with Sarah Lindsay of Roar Fitness for a time. It’s easy to have misconceptions about weight training, but she made me realise how it can make a big difference to how you feel. There were times in the beginning when I worried my natural frame would change completely – especially because I was always challenged to pick up heavier weights – but that wasn’t the case at all. In fact, I felt the most fit I’d ever been. I felt stronger, and it’s nice to feel strong.

‘As a new mum, I feel like everything has changed because I have a new perspective and my priorities are completely different now. I’ve realised how important it is for me to stay fit and healthy so I can be around for as long as possible. Being a mum is the most important thing in the world, and once I’ve healed and get the okay to return to fitness fully, I want to use this opportunity to start a real fitness plan and pick up weight training again.

Pixie Lott on her 2024 goals

‘My main goal for 2024 is to get as fit as I can. I’m very excited to be releasing new music this year, but you do need a lot of endurance and stamina for the shows. You can become very out of breath trying to get from one side of a big stage to the other while singing and dancing, especially on a hot day, and I don’t want to end up in that situation!

‘I’ll definitely be doing some skiing this year as well. I’ve been skiing with my family since the age of five, and while it’s great for your fitness, I think it’s amazing for your mental health, too. There’s nothing like skiing down a mountain with the wind blowing in your face while taking in all the beautiful views and scenery, and you always end up aching at the end of the day because it’s a full-body workout.

Pixie Lott on teaming up with Dare 2b

‘Teaming up with Dare 2b for the On Piste collection was a perfect fit for me because I love ski wear. I need my ski wear to be warm, waterproof and stylish, and this range ticks all those boxes as well as being reasonably priced. I have lots of different outfits for the slopes, but my favourites are always all-in-ones. That’s why I love the Upshill Ski Suit (shown above, £280, It’s streamlined and sporty with a full front zip, so it’s suitable for warmer and colder days, and gives me total freedom of movement.

‘I’m always scooting about running errands, so the other pieces in the range are great for keeping me warm in the winter. There are some very snuggly coats and fleeces, and I especially love wearing the Reputable II Mid Length Padded Jacket (£160) every day when I’m taking the baby out to the park in the pram. My favourite activewear set is the Swift Sports Bra (£35), paired with the Influential Gym Leggings (£46) in the Moonlight Denim Dashprint, because it’s colourful, comfortable and sweat-wicking –perfect for Pilates and gym sessions, or for layering under my ski wear.

Pixie Lott shows Dare 2b’s new On Piste collection of luxe-looking lifestyle, active and ski wear is available to buy at with prices starting from £17.50.

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